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Real Estate Ad Wizard web sites help newspapers sell more print ads in their weekly real estate sections. Publications can sell both display ads and classified photo-listings with this system. 

This ad building service lets realtors enter their inventory - or import it from the MLS, then post it into display ads or photo listings for your paper and into free online listings on your web site.

Ad Wizard software and servers support the entire system, including the portion on your web site, and no technical expertise is required by your newspaper.

Here's how it works.

Newspaper sales staff introduce realtors to the system, one at a time, or in group meetings.

Realtors are shown how to enter their real estate inventory and then place those listings into ads.

Realtors can place their inventory listings free on the newspaper web site and they can purchase photo listings or display  ads in the paper.

When they purchase print ads in your paper, their online ads get substantial value added upgrades that make buying print ads a great deal.

The online ad that the agent gets free is a basic listing, grey in color, except for the picture. When the free listing is 'enhanced' by the purchase of a print ad, the free listing gets color added, and when clicked on, a full web page is produced, showing all the property information, multiple property photos, a realtor photo and logo, contact information, and a built in email system and viewer tracking system.

The bonus web page for each property is a huge upgrade to the basic free online ad, and it's only available when realtors buy your core product: print ads. And as a newspaper, you don't face any extra costs for running the system, like servers or technical staff. In effect, it is sales software. The more your staff uses it to teach customers to place their own ads, the more sales you make.

All sales with Ad Wizard cost you less because there is no ad production cost, and you can reduce or remove the cost of order entry, collection, bad debt, and much of the sales expenses like copy collection and proofreading.  All ads are camera ready PDFs with images optimized and fonts embedded. Ads can be prepaid by credit card, something we found many agents prefer. In one stop they can post their listings on your web site, place photo-listings and display ads in your paper, while proofreading and paying for it all in one easy step. In reality, it is usually the office assistant who does the ad placements, and as soon as they are shown how easy the system is, they adopt it readily and use it endlessly, often around the clock, and on weekends too.

Your ad building system includes:
• Set-up and web hosting of all services
• Professionally designed ad templates
• Private accounts for each agent
• Ad History, Image Gallery and Advertising Profile for each advertiser
• A complete management system for your paper's Ad Wizard
• 24/7 ad sales and service

Check out the Real Estate Ad Wizard web site or for more information or call us 250 914-0434

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