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Online Listings are posted by realtors free of charge in the newspaper's market area. The realtor can enter the listing themselves, or they can be imported from MLS or other sources. They login to o your newspaper's Ad Wizard ad sales web site each week to renew their free listing. When they login, realtors are offered print ads in the sponsoring publication - and the incentive to buy a print ad is more free web value - in this case, the free enhanced web listing.
View sample web listings as they appear on a newspaper's web site. Click a blue colored listing to see an example of an enhanced listing.  View a sample Enhanced Listing here.
A basic online property listing is free - and it is colored grey. When that listing is advertised in the sponsor newspaper, that listing is colored blue and has an enhanced listing that the viewer can click. The enhanced listing is loaded with features including multiple photos for the property, complete detailed information, realtor's and agency ad information and a map of the property's location. There is also an email function so viewers can contact the realtor directly. And of course viewer statistics are tracked and recorded for later analysis.
The Value Proposition for Realtors: newspapers offer realtors free basic ad listings on their web site as an incentive to login to the ad sales web site. When they place their free listings realtors are offered paid newspaper ads. The added value incentive for realtors to purchase print ads is the free enhanced web ad with all its features.
When an agent posts their listings, you can include them in the mix of all realtors' listings on your newspaper's web site and the listings can also appear for that agent only on his or her web site "As advertised in your paper".
You get all these features and much more at no extra charge, when your newspaper subscribes to a Real Estate Ad Wizard.
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